Salmon Rice Porridge Baby

Salmon Porridge

Korean steamed egg in black earthenware pot© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Korean Steamed Eggs

Korean-style steamed egg "Gye-ran-jjim"(계란찜) recipe for everyone. Recipe for babies 6-months and older
Honey Dew Melon Baby Recipe with Fried Egg and Shrimp© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM


Fried shrimp and eggs with Japanese melon baby-friendly recipe. 18 months+
Avocado Carbonara for toddler on round dish with wooden cutlery© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Avocado Carbonara

An easy-to-make avocado pasta dish for your toddler. 2+year-old
Fried Chicken Stew with rice, kiwis, sauteed Korean anchovies with cashew nuts© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Chicken Stew

A baby-friendly "Fried Chicken Wings" stew recipe. 2-year-old +
Tonkatsu pork cutlet on constrcutive eating purple kid's tableware© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM


An easy-to-follow Japanese Tonkatsu recipe for my toddler. 2+ year old
Salmon bacon alfredo recipe for toddler© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Milk Salmon Bacon Alfredo

A simple one-pot pasta recipe with bacon, broccoli, salmon, milk, and cheese. 3+ year old
Baby-friendly cauliflower mac and cheese ready to eat in blue le creuset ramekin© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Casserole

My version of the famous mac and cheese recipe where I sneakily added some healthier ingredients for my toddler. 1+ year old
Baby-friendly crab rangoon on red le creuset plate and corn soup in a heart shaped ramekin© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Crab Rangoon

Crab rangoon is one of the most popular Chinese food appetizers in the US and can be found at nearly every Chinese-American restaurant menu. This deep-fried wonton appetizer is easy on the taste buds and great for everyone.
Japanese Ramen RecipeCopyright

Japanese Ramen

Less-sodium Japanese Ramen and broth recipe. 2-year-old+
japanese shoyu tamago (soy sauce seasoned boiled egg) cut in half© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Japanese Shoyu Tamago (Seasoned boiled egg)

Low-sodium boiled eggs for Japanese Ramen. 2+ years
Baby-friendly Tom Kha Gai in kid's batman tableware set© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Tom Kha Gai ต้มข่าไก่

A mild toddler-friendly Tom Kha Gai recipe. 2+ year old
Baby-friendly Bacon Pesto Alfredo with blue Le Creuset set© 2019 JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Bacon Pesto Alfredo

A toddler-friendly Bacon Pesto Alfredo Recipe made with milk and homemade pesto sauce.
Orange themed cookware and tableware for baby-friendly Shepherd's Pie recipe© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Shepherd’s Pie

My take on the family-favorite "Shepherd's Pie" made baby-friendly(2+). A true comfort food-delicious, filling and a meal the whole family will love!
Yoshinoya style Beef Bowl baby-friendly recipe© 2019 JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Gyudon 牛丼 (Beef Bowl)

My version of Yoshinoya's popular Beef Bowl toddler-friendly recipe. 2+ yrs old

Chicken Noodles

Clean and healthy chicken noodle soup baby-friendly recipe. 1+year old

Crab Rice Porridge

Crabs naturally high in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and copper, essential elements to growing strong bones. 1+ year old
Chicken soup with cabbage recipe© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Chicken Soup With Cabbage

Healthy and delicious Chicken Soup for not just the little one but the whole family. Baby-friendly 1+ year old
Baby-friendly Cumin meatball in pumpkin sauce recipe© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Cumin Meatballs in Pumpkin Sauce

Introduce cumin seasoning with cumin meatballs in this festive Halloween recipe. Baby-friendly recipe for 1+ year old
Japanese Steamed Egg Custard© JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Japanese Steamed Egg Custard (Chawanmushi)

Silky smooth and healthy steamed egg custard. 6+ months old
Korean Braised Ox-Tail© 2018 JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Korean Braised Oxtail

Easy to make and toddler-friendly Korean braised oxtail recipe the whole family can enjoy. 2+ year old
Purple Sweet Potato Puree© 2018 JAYCOBLITTLEDISHES.COM

Purple Sweet Potato Soup

Highly nutritious, simple, and easy to cook Purple Sweet Potato Soup. 8+ months old
Baby-friendly Chicken Liver Recipe with Rice, Quinoa, and Vegetablescopyright

Slow-Cooked Rice with Vegetables and Liver

A nutrient dense baby food recipe using quinoa, vegetables and chicken liver. Great for infants 6+ months old